The project has seen the launch of extensive exhibitions focussed on both the Rising and Somme which have visited a number of venues across the city including the Tower Museum and a number of local community venues in both unionist and republican areas.

New social media platforms have also been created with the invaluable assistance of international students. These platforms will eventually include interviews with local residents who have family connections to the Rising and Somme.
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Michael is also developing the project to allow local schools to view the exhibitions and to also hear Michael and his academic partners provide lectures and question and answer sessions about the seminal events of 1916.

Later in 2016, Michael will publish a book which will combine the images and facts related to both the Rising and Somme in one easy to use publication. The book will also be available on, (our public platform where you can find all Michael Cooper’s publications) and on our social media.

Furthermore, a new website is now available to view at

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