Michael Cooper is also a published author!

In the last decade he has published a range of titles covering subjects including the peace process, the story of republican political prisoners and the history of the Bishop Street, Fountain and the Bogside areas. These books are perfect if you are a student, a tourist, a lover of history. We hope you will find these publications interesting!


From Columba to Conflict – The Early Years of the Bogside, Brandywell and Lower Bishop Street

‘From Columba To Conflict’ concentrates on the history of all three districts before the outbreak of the political conflict in 1968 and aims to highlight the enduring disposition and resilience shown by the people of these areas in the face of sanctioned and sustained policies of discrimination which ultimately spawned the modern conflict.


Your Process or Mine? 

‘Your Process or Mine?’ is a chronological account of the key events of the peace process from both Republican and Loyalist perspectives.


The Prison Story

This is a chronological account of the story of the republican prisoners and their experience in Crumlin Road Gaol, the cages and H blocks of Long Kesh, Armagh, Maghaberry and many other prisons in the 26 counties and England.


Bishop Street and the Fountain

Michael also works extensively with residents on both sides of the peace wall in Derry to improve relations between the unionist residents of the Fountain estate and the nationalist population of the Bishop Street area. This work has seen Michael deliver a range of tourism projects to encourage increased visitor numbers and economic benefit to the two areas. These include new tourism signage, a visitor app, website, Facebook and also a book written by Michael on the shared history of the two areas. You can download the book below and also access the visitor app by visiting visitbishopstreetandthefountain.com. Enjoy the read!


‘Derry 1916 Somme and Rising Revisited’ Project

Focusses on the city’s connections to the Easter Rising and Battle of the Somme, was conceived by DerryBlueBadgeGuide.com proprieter and local historian Michael Cooper. The project is supported by the National Lottery, the Housing Executive Triax, the Gasyard Development trust and Derry Peace Wall Project.


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