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Irish Peace Process Project

Funded by the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister through the ‘Together: Building a United Community’ programme.

This website Irish Peace Process Project features a range of interviews with residents of Derry/Londonderry who have been directly involved in various elements of the northern peace process.

During the project pupils from republican areas of the city interviewed figures from the unionist community who were involved in cross-community projects, the marching issue and outreach with representatives of the republican community to allow the young people to learn the views of the various strands of unionism towards the process.
In addition young people from unionist areas of the city interviewed republican ex-prisoners to hear their own view of the peace process and to share each other’s understanding of what the conflict was about and the solutions required to address outstanding issues.
Finally, the Deputy First Minister was also interviewed and gave his own personal view of the key events of the process and how his views have been shaped as a result of his own experiences.
In all cases, the young people, working with the project officer, devised the questions themselves, which is reflected in some of the footage you will view on the site. The resulting set of interviews is a unique reflection of the diverse views and opinions of people from both communities who were involved in the process and will hopefully prove to be extremely useful to those studying the process or who want to hear the increasingly positive attitude towards the peace process from people in both communities.

The participants:

Students and participants from St Joseph’s Boys’ School and Tullyally Youth Club interviewed key insiders with unique perspectives and experience of the Peace Process, including: Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, Brian Dougherty (St Columb’s Park House), Derek Moore and Kenny McFarland (Londonderry Bands Forum), Terry Wright (former member of UUP), Marie O’Doherty and Deaglan O Mochain (former Republican Prisoners).


The Facebook page

Welcome to the FB Page promoting the Irish Peace Process Project, which aims to share the perspectives of those directly involved in the conflict and the subsequent peace process with young people of the North West of Ireland.

Irish Peace Process Project

In 2013 Michael was involved in making a sequel to Mary Hollands seminal 1979 documentary about the Creggan Estate in Derry which was heavily affected by the conflict. The result brings the story up to 2013 and explores the massive positive impact the peace process has had on the area. Click on the link below to view the sequel.

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