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Our Derry political tours can be delivered either on foot or by coach/taxi. The Derry political walking tour version visits the Bogside and uses the local monuments and murals to explore the origins of the conflict from the plantation to partition and the emergence of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. We cover all the key events from the nationalist perspective including the outbreak of the conflict in October 1968, Burntollet and the emergence of Free Derry, Sammy Devenney, the Battle of the Bogside,history-battle05 internment, Bloody Sunday, the long war, the Hunger Strikes and the peace process. We also walk the city walls to explain their connections to the plantation and siege. We also view the Fountain estate to explain the development of unionism in the city including the city council name change, the ongoing resolution of the marching issue, demographic change and the rationale for the continuing existence of the peacewall.


We also explore the unusual links between the area and Wolfe Tone, the leader of the United Irishmen. The Derry walking tour finishes with a visit to the Guildhall where the plantation exhibition can be viewed and a walk of the Peace Bridge to former British army base at Ebrington. The base was used as a communications base during Bloody Sunday but is now a demilitarised cultural zone.

Derry’s GuildHall

Our Derry taxi/coach tours cover all of the above topics but also incorporate visits to the loyalist and republican murals of the Waterside and a visit to the Creggan estate, the other key area of Free Derry to follow the route of the Bloody Sunday march and visit the city cemetery (optional) to view monuments to Derry’s republican dead.

The Gasyard Centre is the only purpose built facility in the North West that delivers services to the community

Please note the above routes are the standard options for the Derry political / troubles tour. We can also design bespoke Derry tours based on specific conflict related topics including the subjects covered by the current history syllabuses north and south and in other European countries. We can also incorporate visits to the Museum of Free Derry (the story from civil rights to Bloody Sunday), Apprentice Boys Hall (the siege story from unionist perspective) and Gasyard Heritage Centre (which covers the Prisons Story and chronology of the peace process from both loyalist and republican perspectives.

The Gasyard also incorporates a large cafe catering for up to 70 people and is an ideal lunch stop. All of the above Derry tours are also available in French and Irish with other languages on request. Prices are available upon request.

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