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Our Derry coach tour, includes the city cemetery, the former St Columbs college building, the city walls and centre, river Foyle and the hills of Donegal and is a highlight for all our visiting groups.


It usually begin at the tourist information centre (free parking for coaches) before proceeding across the Craigavon bridge via Irish Street to Iskaheen View, one of the greatest viewing points in Ireland. We then continue past the Workhouse, loyalist murals and Ebrington barracks to the Foyle Bridge with its magnificent view of the river Foyle whilst crossing.

Passing the site of the former shipyard we explain the history of shipbuilding and view the emigrant statues at the former embarcation point for those leaving Derry during the famine. Passing the university, former shirt factories and council offices we return to the city centre area via the Georgian conservation area and Bogside murals/monuments before driving through the walled city to return to the tourist information centre.


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