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The name Armagh derives from the Irish word Ard meaning height and Macha, together meaning height (or high place). From its highest point at Slieve Gullion, in the south of the County, Armagh’s land falls away from its rugged south with Carrigatuke, Lislea and Camlough mountains, to rolling drumlin country in the middle and west of the county and finally flatlands in the north where rolling flats and small hills reach sea level at Lough Neagh.

We depart Derry for a trip through county Tyrone to the ‘Orchard County’ of Armagh where we arrive at Ireland’s ecclesiastical capital and the former home of St Patrick, Armagh city. Following a guided tour of the mall, which includes a history of the infamous former Armagh women’s prison, you have the chance to visit one of the nearby attractions including Armagh County Museum (free), the planetarium (admission fee applies) or Navan Fort (admission fee applies).

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Following lunch we continue our walking tour of the town centre including a visit to the Anglican cathedral (former location of St Patrick’s original church-small admission fee applies) before continuing to its catholic counterpart for a further visit (free admission) and then returning to Derry via the scenic Sperrin mountains.
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